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How We Got Here

Our Story

Whether it was watching folks load up hundreds of bushels of clams on trucks, or racing to the dock to see a yacht being launched, Jarrett Bay was bustling when Susan (Fulcher) Hill was growing up in Williston. Meeting friends for a snack after school at the General Store and checking in with Ms. Hilda for the mail, were part of the daily routine. Over the years, though, Susan saw too much of the enterprise in Williston go away, along with many of the job opportunities for folks Down East. Despite the changing economy, the one constant was beautiful Jarrett Bay. In 2015, Susan, Robert, and their son John and his wife Adrianna purchased the old clam house with an eye towards renovation and restoration. They began the restoration with an Oyster Nursery that has been in operation since 2018, and will have their Oyster Hatchery fully operational in the spring of 2021.  They plan to further expand as part of the NC Oyster trail and will offer tours to see the beautiful Jarret Bay and the Oyster Nursery operations.  In addition to the mosaic mural honoring the rich commercial fishing heritage of Down East, Susan would like to see one section of the building devoted to the history of the area, with pictures and stories from family members who used to work here, along with a retail area for local artists to sell their creations. If you have suggestions for what you would like to see, please send your email to


Interested in the work we do? Want to start working on your own oyster lease? Need some oyster seed? Let's connect.


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